Necessary Roughness

Sometimes offense is the only defense

The Book Necessary Roughness by Marie G. Lee



Chan Kim and his family move from L.A. to Minnesota. The kids at his new school aren’t very accepting of his Korean culture. A boy named All-Pro encourages him to join the school football team. It takes a while for his teammates to warm up to him but they do eventually. All-pro becomes Chan’s best friend and he also gets close to Young , Chan’s sister. Chan meets a girl on the tennis team named Rainey and they start dating. Abogee, their father, doesn’t approve of either of them dating nor does he approve of Chan playing football. Chan’s coach talks to Abogee and he realizes how talented his son is and attends the father son football dinner. Chan is excited that his dad finally approves and everything is going well until one night Young doesn’t come home. After a terrible accident Young dies and Chan is devastated. He stops playing football for a while but, once he starts to get over Young’s death he returns to practice. The Miners make it to state and win the game.